MyEndeavor – Preserve, Grow, Live

What is MyEndeavor? MyEndeavor is what you want it to be. Each client has their own unique set of circumstances, goals, objectives and dreams. MyEndeavor is the process we use to assist Pre-Retirees and Retirees with the financial aspects of your life so you can pursue what matters most to you for the rest of your life. It can be as all-inclusive as a comprehensive wealth management strategy that includes investment management, financial planning, income strategies, retirement plan advice, insurance, estate planning, assistance with charitable gifts, it is like having your own personal Chief Retirement Officer. For others it is selecting only the services they choose to utilize. It is up to you – MyEndeavor assists you by providing solutions to help PRESERVE and GROW your wealth, so you can LIVE.


Investors can not control returns, however, we can control our risk.  We manage or transfer the financial impact of risk in many areas of our lives: we purchase auto insurance to transfer the financial risk due to an accident; we purchase homeowners insurance to transfer the financial impact of a flood, storm or other events; we transfer the financial impact of premature death via life insurance, etc.  However, for most people their investments are their largest financial asset, yet they do nothing to transfer or manage the risk or financial impact of  market downturns on their portfolio.  There are various risk management strategies available to investors and at Endeavor Wealth Management we assist clients in identifying these risks and employ strategies to manage them.


Assembling the investments in your portfolio is similar to building a sports team.  We need different players to perform different functions on our team.  No football team has 11 quarterbacks, or baseball team has 9 pitchers on the field at the same time.  To accomplish this we employ our EWM Bucket Approach - we identify different assets and employ them to provide different functions in your household such as capital preservation, income generation, growth, volatility dampening, etc.  Each client's needs, objectives and risk tolerance are unique.  We take the time to understand our client and construct an overall strategy consistent with their unique set of circumstances.