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International ETF Portfolio

The International Portfolio is an equal-weighted ETF-based portfolio comprised of individual country Exchange Traded Funds.  We begin with an investment universe of 40 individual country ETFs representing International Developed and Emerging Markets and apply a proprietary technical screen to identify the strong and avoid the weak.  We then equal weight the portfolio owning the strongest technical ETFs.  We believe the positions have greater impact on the portfolio via equal weighting versus owning the MSCI EAFE Index in which over 40% of the holdings are in Japan and United Kingdom; or MSCI EEM Index in which over 25% of the index is comprised of only China.


Finally, Endeavor Wealth Management also provides a degree of risk management to protect the portfolio in the event of significant or prolonged market downturns.  As International ETFs begin to give technical sell signals, if there are not enough countries on a technical buy signal you will see positions go to cash and remain there until market conditions improve.  This gives the portfolio a degree of catastrophe insurance not available in a long only strategy.