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Asset Allocation Models

Endeavor Wealth Management constructs, monitors and manages four ETF-based Tactical Asset Allocation Models. The models are Capital Preservation, Conservative, Moderate and Growth and are designed to provide a client with enough money to supplement a client’s guaranteed income sources. For example, if a client needs $100,000 per year to meet their retirement income needs, and only $75,000 is covered via guaranteed sources such as social security, pension, annuity income, etc., then a client needs a supplemental $25,000 in income to meet their annual need.   We recommend a client keep enough money in these models to cover 5 – 10 years of supplemental income needs.

The portfolios can include various asset classes including U.S. Equities – Large, Mid and Small Cap, International Equities, U.S. Fixed Income, Global Fixed income and Natural Resources. Each portfolio has a Strategic and a Tactical component that we monitor daily. When a Tactical component gives a sell signal we will replace it with (overweight) an asset class that is on a buy signal.